Life of Banda Singh Bahadur- Dr. Ganda Singh PDF [English]

Life of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur

Download Life of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur – Based on Contemporary and Original Records by Dr. Ganda Singh. This book was first published in 1935 originally in English and is now available with some amendments in Punjabi and Hindi also. The version we have provided is a 1999 Print published by Punjabi University Patiala.

Book Life of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur
Writer Dr. Ganda Singh
Genre Sikh History
Pages 183
Language English
Script Roman
Size 10.8 MB
Format PDF
Publisher Punjabi University Patiala [Archives]


The case of Banda Singh Bahadur presents perhaps, the strangest array of difficulties and paradoxes in the whole range of Sikh biography. No biography of his, written during his lifetime by any of his admirers or impartial writers, has no far been unearthed to give us first-hand and reliable information on his life and work. No doubt, there are works by Bhangu Rattan Singh Shahid, Bhai Santokh Singh, and Bhai Gyan Singh with chapters on him; there are sketches by Daulat Singh, Sohan Singh, and Karam Singh, and there are sections allotted to this subject in almost all the books that deal with the rise of the Sikh nation. But unfortunately no account of Banda Singh so far written by a contemporary or a later writer — Muslim, Hindu, or Sikh — exhibits his true character.

In view of these defects and imperfections in the attempts made so far by different writers, I felt justified in undertaking the present work. I began it quite afresh, and I have attempted to pierce through the gloom that veiled the life history of this great hero and martyr of the early eighteenth century. Subjecting every fact to scrutiny and criticism in the light of contemporary and original works — mostly unpublished Persian manuscripts — I have undertaken an impartial investigation of the whole subject, and have dealt with it on scientific lines, regardless of the opinions and prejudices of the previous writers.

– From Preface of Book by Ganda Singh, 1935


  1. Childhood And Ascetic Life
  2. At The Feet Of The Master
  3. Banda Singh Leaves For the Punjab
  4. Samana And Sadhaura
  5. The Battle Of Rupar
  6. The Battle Of Chappar Chiri And The Sack Of Sirhind
  7. Ghudani And Maler Kotla
  8. At His Capital
  9. Incursions In The Jamuna-Ganga Doab
  10. The Rising In The Majha And The Hadri Flag Crusade
  11. Disturbances In The Jullundur Doab And The Battle Of Rahon
  12. Emperor Bahadur Shah’s March Against The Sikhs
  13. The Battles Of Sadhaura And Lohgarh
  14. Reduction Of The Hill Chiefs, The Battles Of Bahrampur And Batala, And Other Minor Engagements
  15. Emperor Bahadur Shah At Lahore, His Death And After
  16. The Siege Of Sadhaura And Lohgarh
  17. Kiri Pathan, Rupar And Batala
  18. The Siege And Fall Of Gurdas Nangal
  19. Massacre Of The Sikhs And Banda Singh At Delhi
  20. The Man And His Achievements

This book is widely popular and has been published by many publishers. You can buy the international hardcover copy published by South Asia Books from this link. Also, check for the Punjabi University version, if available, by clicking here. We strongly recommend to buy the books from Publishers, sole purpose for sharing the PDFs is to produce interest among teens towards our culture and history.

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    From Pakistan, I am doing research on Baba Banda Singh. Thanks for sharing this precious material.

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  • Appreciable

    Thanks for sharing this. I have had many versions of this book, among all this seems fine to print or read for my lectures.

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