Janamsakhi Pothi Harji & Pothi Chaturbhuj PDF

Pothi Harji & Pothi Chaturbhuj PDF

Janamsakhi Pothi Harji and Pothi Chaturbhuj PDF: Janamsakhi of Meharban is divided into two parts – The first one is written by Manohar Dass Meharban Sodhi himself which is known as Pothi Sachkhand. The second part is a set of two Pothis known as Pothi Harji and Pothi Chaturbhuj. Bhai Harji and Chaturbhuj wrote these Pothis who were sons of Bhai Manohar Dass ‘Meharban’ Sodhi (1581-1640 AD).

Book Pothi Harji and Pothi Chaturbhuj
Writer Bhai Harji and Bhai Chaturbhuj
Editor Prof. Kirpal Singh, S. Shamsher Singh Ashok
Pages 672
Language Punjabi
Year 1962
Size 519.5 MB
Format PDF
Publisher Sikh History Research Department,
Khalsa College Amritsar

Why is this Janamsakhi Pothi Harji less popular?

Prithi Chand died in 1619 and was succeeded as the Guru of the sect by his son Manohar Das, known to his followers and to Sikh tradition as Meharban. According to Sikh tradition, Meharban continued his father’s policy of hostility towards the legitimate line of Gurus and as one expression of his opposition composed, with polemic intent, his own Janam-Sakhi of Guru Nanak. As they started a separate linage of Sikh Gurus after Pirthi Chand, Harji and Chaturbhuj also contributed to their father Meharban’s writings in form of Goshts. Sodhi linage approves Pirthi Chand as 5th Guru, and thereafter Meharban, Harji, Hargopal, Kanwal Nain, Gurditta, Jivan Mal, Harsahaay, Sodhi Ajit Singh and Sodhi Hamir Singh, etc as next Gurus.

From where it was retrieved?

The Janamsakhi Pothi Harji and Pothi Chaturbhuj were acquired from Damdama Sahib, Talwandi Sabo Distt. Bathinda alongside Janamsakhi Guru Nanak or Pothi Sachkhand by Meharban. Ever since its acquisition, it has been an object of attraction for research scholars for various reasons. For the students of modern Indian languages, It is one of the biggest prose manuscripts of the 17th century.

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