Guru Ram Dass Ji

Sri Guru Ram Dass Ji Maharaj

The real name of Guru Ram Dass was Bhai Jetha Ji who became an orphan at the age of 7. Later he became the servant of 3rd Guru Amar Dass Ji and also his son-in-law. Guru Ka Chak or Ram Dass Pura which later became the focal point for the Sikh Tradition with the name Amritsar Sahib was founded by the Fourth Master Sri Guru Ram Dass Ji. He started Masand System in Guru Ghar to collect revenue from Sangat for Building Sikh Temples and other activities.

Name Guru Ram Dass Ji, Sodh Linage – a Linage from the Luv’s dynasty Kaal Rai, his Sons won a country named Sanaudh and married his daughter, onwards Sodhi Vansh came in existence.
Birthplace Choona Mandi, Lahore City
Birth Samvat 1591 Bikrami Kattak Vadi 2nd November 1534 CE, Nakshatra Chitra Sava Pehar Before Sunrise
Parents Mata Daya Kaur Ji (Khem Kaur Ji) and Father Hari Dass Ji
Spouse Mata Bhani Ji, Sri Goindwal Sahib, Married Bikrami 1612
Gur Gaddi Bikrami 1631 Bhadron Sudi 13th, 29th September 1574 CE. Three days before the ascension of Guru Amar Dass Ji.
Ascension 1638 Bikrami Bhadron Sudi 3rd, 19th September 1581 CE, Goindwal Sahib
Children Baba Prithi Chand Ji Born 1615 Bikrami, Mahadev Ji Born 1618 Bikrami, Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Born 1620 Bikrami.
Total Age 47 Years 16 Days
Guruship Period 6 Years 11 Months 20 Days
Throned King Akbar

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

*Above Records are obtained from the “Damdami Taksal, Jatha Bhindran (Mehta)”, which may vary from various records available online or even on our own website.

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