The Sikh Religion Vol.1 by Max Arthur Macauliffe

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Download The Sikh Religion Vol.1 – Its Gurus, Sacred Writings, and Authors out of a total of Six Volumes. It was written by Max Arthur Macauliffe, now available in PDF Format.

Book Title The Sikh Religion – Its Gurus, Sacred Writings, and Authors
Writer Max Arthur Macauliffe
Volume 1
Pages 487
Publishing Year 1909
Language English
Script Roman
Size 43.8 MB
Format PDF
Publisher Clarendon Press [Oxford]
Source Osmania University Library
Preserved By Digital Library of India

Max Arthur Macauliffe

Max Arthur Macauliffe was a senior British administrator, prolific scholar, and author. He is renowned for his partial translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Sikh history into English.

Macauliffe was the first English person who showed interest in the translation of Sikh writings. He had extensive access to a lot of manuscripts of Sikh Scriptures.

His collaboration with prominent Sikh Scholar Giani Partap Singh brought the first translation of Sikh Scriptures in the English Language. Eventually, he accepted Sikhism as his religion and became MacAuliffe Singh.

Volume 1 Index

The Sikh Religion Vol.1 explains the methodology of Macauliffe’s translation and the role of his Sikh Assistants. The first part is all about the founder of Sikhism – Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

  1. Life of Guru Nanak
  2. Twelve Months (12 Maaha)
  3. Japji
  4. Asa Ki War
  5. Rahiras
  6. Sohila
  7. Guru Nanak’s Hymn
  8. Additional Sloks
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