Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji: What He did for India and Mankind at Large?

Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji (1563-1606)

Present Book “Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji (1563-1606)” with Subtitle “What He did for India and Mankind at Large?” is an English Language Book written by Sikh Scholar S. Sher Singh back in 1933. Published by The Sikh Religious Tract Society, Taran Taran – This book is a Short Biography of 5th Sikh Guru Arjan Dev Ji and his crucial role in the development of modern-day Sikhism.

Book Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji
Writer S. Sher Singh, M.Sc.
Pages 29
Language English
Script Roman
Size 5.8 MB
Format PDF
Publisher The Sikh Religious Tract Society [Public Domain]

Excerpt from book:

The Fifth Guru Shri Guru Arjan Dev Ji is the central most figure in Sikh history and is on all accounts a unique personality such as has no parallel. Coming as he did between Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikh Theocracy, and Guru Govind Singh, the creator of the Khalsa Brotherhood, Guru Arjan Dev combined the prophetic qualities of the one with the dynamic personality of the other. The more you read him the clearer becomes the conviction that Guru Arjan Dev was the very head and heart of Nanak. Were it not for him Sikhism would have run to seed, and it would not have been what it is today: a mighty Redwood that has its roots deep in the bowels of Eternity.

A worthy son of the worthy father, Guru Ram Das, it was Guru Arjan Dev who first proved in his person that the Guru’s son is really the fit person to step into the shoes of his father. Guru Nanick selected Angad in preference to his own sons, but evidently, the hay influence of Nanak was as much at work in the lineal line as in the outside world, so that a century of preparation had changed the very spiritual seed. The Guru held the Gaddi for close to three decades, and these days were certainly the most successful in the expansion and consolidation of the Sikh Religion. He laid the foundation of Tarn Taran city which was to become a raft to carry the drowning souls across the ocean of Maya. Most of the temples and tanks that are found at Amritsar or Kartarpur were laid in his time. He organized a band of missionaries who carried the torch of divine light to the farthermost corners of Punjab. He introduced the kar-blet system which, if well administered, has all the potentialities of good and expansion. He organized a daily service at Durbar Sahib Sri Amritsar.

Indeed, his hands were always full with many schemes which aimed at dispelling the forces of darkness and ushering in light into this land of the Five Rivers. This was quite in consonance with the prophecy of his grandfather Sri Guru Amar Dass whose viands he took in both of his hands while yet a child, that Guru Arjan Dev’s hands will be always full with matters spiritual. Manifold as were his activities in his busy life of about forty years, yet there are three outstanding works connected with him, any one of which, by itself, would be sufficient to make his name immortal; they are: the compilation of the Adi Granth, the construction of the Golden Temple at Sri Amritsar, and last but not least, his own sacrifice for the sake of his cause and the country.

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