Sikhan Di Bhagat Mala by Bhai Mani Singh PDF

Sikhan Di Bhagat Mala

The book titled “Sikhan Di Bhagat Mala” is a precious work edited by Bhai Vir Singh, which presents an assortment of selected names of Sikhs before and during the time of Bhai Gurdas Ji. These names are mentioned after the ’12th Pauri’ in the ‘Eleventh Vaar’ and are not an exhaustive list of all Sikhs or perfect Sikhs. Instead, they represent individuals whom Bhai Ji considered to possess unique qualities or whose names were widely known among the Sikh community. While there is no historical evidence to support the notion that these individuals were specifically entrusted with the task of preaching by Satguru, their inclusion in the book is considered a valuable treasure bestowed upon us through the grace of Bhai Ji.

Book Title:Sikhan Di Bhagat Mala
Author:Bhai Mani Singh
Editor:Bhai Veer Singh
Publisher:Bhai Vir Singh Sahit Sadan
File Size:34 MB
Number of Pages:160

The content of the book focuses solely on providing the names of Sikhs, their life stories, accounts of their conversion to Sikhism in various contexts, or their complete stories. However, it does not delve into detailed narratives concerning specific events or incidents. It is unlikely that Bhai Mani Singh Ji, the author, would have undertaken such an endeavor. Mani Singh Ji has written short accounts of each Sikh, which were popular within Sikhism up until his time. The opening lines of the book indicate that Bhai Ji heard these accounts directly from Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and documented them.

The available manuscript of the book dates back to Sammat 1892 Bikrami (approximately 77 years old at the time of writing in 1912 CE). The age of the original source from which it was derived remains uncertain. To our knowledge, no older collection has been discovered thus far, nor has it come to our attention. However, based on the language and writing style, it is evident that the composition of the book predates 150 years. Further research may reveal written records dating back to or near the time of Bhai Mani Singh Ji. The book’s language and writing do not appear modern but rather ancient. It remains a mystery whether Bhai Ji himself wrote extensively or if someone else penned the accounts under his name (Recent research hints the author be Surat Singh Nirmala, the father of Giani Sant Singh Nirmala). As history researchers, we have no doubt that it may have been the work of another individual. If errors were made during transcription or if personal biases influenced the content, they can be rectified. Several instances within the book raise doubts regarding adherence to Gurmat (the Guru’s teachings) and the purity of knowledge, while other parts exhibit clear variations.

It is important to note that the authorship of this work remains debatable, and whether it is truly the work of Bhai Mani Singh Ji or not is a subject of discussion.

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To fully experience the richness of “Sikhan Di Bhagat Mala” by Bhai Mani Singh, we strongly encourage you to download the PDF version. This captivating book, edited by Bhai Veer Singh and published by Bhai Vir Singh Sahit Sadan, offers a profound insight into the lives of Sikh devotees. With a file size of 34 MB and spanning 160 pages, it delves into the depths of Sikh history and spirituality. Downloading the PDF will grant you access to the complete content and allow you to immerse yourself in the inspiring stories within. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity – click the link below to download the PDF and embark on an enlightening journey.

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