Pehla Parkash Purab Guru Granth Sahib 2022

Guru Granth Sahib Pehla Parkash Dihara

August 28, 2022, Sunday is to be celebrated as Pehla Parkash Purab of Living Guru Granth Sahib Ji. 418 years ago in 1604, on this holy day, Aad Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji known as ‘Pothi Sahib’ at that time was established at the holy shrine of Darbar Sahib, Amritsar. Bhai Buddha Ji was appointed the first Granthi Singh.

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Reverence to the Granth as to the Guru

The Guru Granth is the Guru’s own book, through which the Guru speaks to his disciples from age to age. Thus it is also called ‘Gurbāņi’ the ‘Guru’s voice’; he who attentively reads, sings, or listens to its hymns is brought into direct personal contact with the Guru, who is in a very real sense incarnate’ in those hymns. Immediately on its completion, Guru Arjan bade the Sikhs regard it with reverence as they regarded the Guru’s own person, and on his passing from their visible midst, the Tenth Guru declared he could be found in its hymns if diligently sought.

Thus it must always be natural and proper for the Sikhs to show outer reverence to the Holy Book, wherein they find by their own experience the living Guru in their midst. As a Sikh Scholar has said “The Granth contains the word of the Guru, and its worship by the faithful Sikh should not have much of an unhealthy influence of an idol. He always expects some good counsel from the book “, just as the disciple finds even in his Guru’s lightest words the most profound and inspiring teachings.

Note: The painting we used in the Graphic is an artwork by Ravi Verma, you can buy his artwork at Nipasa.

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  • Warm Wishes on Guruparv

    Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji de paavn parkash purab dian aap sabh sangtan nu bahut bahut vadhaiyan

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  • Best Wishes, Waheguru Ji

    Bani Guru Guru Hai Baani, Vich Bani Amrit Saare.

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