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Guru Ka Bagh Morcha

Download Morcha Guru Ka Bagh PDF Book, written by Dr. Simranjit Kaur. It is a digitized version of 20 Page long booklet published by the Dharm Prachar Committee of S.G.P.C. Amritsar.

Book Morcha Guru Ka Bagh
Writer Dr. Simranjit Kaur
Genre Sikh History
Pages 20
Language Punjabi
Published Date July 2022
Size 11.2 MB
Format PDF
Publisher S.G.P.C [Public Domain]

What was Guru Ka Bagh Morcha?

8th August 1922; Guru Ka Bagh gurudwara was under the control of Mahant Sundar Dass. From Aug. 23 until Sept. 13, the government sided with the Mahant and ruthlessly lathi-charged the visiting Jathas. However, Sikhs persisted with their non-violent agitation. The courage and persistence of Sikhs became world renounced during this period. From Sept. 13 until Nov. 17, Sikhs courted arrests. Finally, the government gave in and on Nov. 17, 1922, all Sikh demands were accepted and the agitation was successfully concluded.

During this agitation, 5605 Sikhs were courted arrested, over a dozen Sikhs got Shahidi, and thousands were injured. provided an opportunity for the authorities to wreak untold atrocities on thousands of Akali volunteers over a period of three months. It was remarkable how the Akali volunteers offered to be beaten mercilessly without raising an arm. They heroically kept the vow of non-violence taken before the Akal Takhat. It was not for nothing that the Golden Hawk, popularly associated with Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji, was sighted daily at Guru Ka Bagh, and gave the Guru’s blessings to his devotees, and assured them success.

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