Japji Sahib English Translation PDF Download

Japji Sahib English Translation PDF

Looking to Download Japji Sahib Gurmukhi to English Translation PDF File? Jap Ji Sahib is the most revered morning prayer of Sikhs consisting of Guru Nanak’s teachings and forms the start of Guru Granth Sahib. It is believed to be compiled by the second Guru, Guru Angad Dev Ji at the command of Guru Nanak Sahib from his hymns.

File Japji Sahib English Translation
Translator Bhai Manmohan Singh
Transliteration Dr. Kulbir Singh Thind, MD
Pages 19
Language Punjabi – English
Script Gurmukhi – Roman
Size 232 KB
Format PDF
Publisher Public Domain

Structure of Jap Ji Sahib

1. At the start of Jap Ji Sahib is what is now known as ‘Mool Mantra’ – whereby the Guru explains the most basic character of the otherwise undefinable God.
2. Title of the composition Jap’. Jap literally means to meditate, remember, and recite with unflinching faith and love. The title Jap’ (recite) merges seamlessly and connects Mool-Mantra to the first Shalok of Japji in a very meaningful way.
3. The main composition of Jap Ji starts with a Shalok. A Shalok is a kind of a short poem – generally a capsule of information or teachings often composed in only two lines.
4. The Shalok is followed by 38 Stanzas which are traditionally called ‘Pauris’ (literally: steps of a ladder); these form the main body of the composition.
5. Order of Japji Sahib can be split into 9 parts – Prologue – Invocation, Worship, The Quest, The Divine Plan, Human Responsibility, Inscrutable Providence, Formalism and Sectarianism, Jnana (Wisdom), Epilogue – Shloka.
5. The last few Stanzas (Pauris), 34-37, describe 5 ‘Khands’ or stages through which the devotee graduates and reaches SachKhand – the stage of Truth, the God.
6. At the end there’s another closing Shalok.

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