Jaap Sahib in Punjabi PDF – Path, Translation, Santhya

Jaap Sahib in Punjabi PDF

Presenting Jaap Sahib Path in Punjabi PDF with not only the Original Text but a detailed Gurmukhi Translation and Santhya for Correct Pronunciation of the Nitnem Bani. Original Path is taken from the source text of Sri Dasam Granth, Translation Work is done by renowned Scholar Dr. Rattan Singh Jaggi and Santhya is prepared by the GurmatBibek portal.

BookletJaap Sahib
AuthorGuru Gobind Singh
SourceSri Dasam Granth
Size355 KB

There are many prologues about the creation of Jaap Sahib in Sikh Sampardayi traditions. According to the Uthanka preached by Sant Kartar Singh Ji Nirmala


Once, a Pandit named Kanshiram, hailing from Benaras (Varanasi) in India, arrived at Guru Sahib’s court. He had heard great praises of Guru Sahib and had the belief that if the Tenth Guru is an incarnation of God, he would appear in the form of the four-armed deity, Chaturbhuj. As Kanshiram entered the court, he indeed saw Guru Sahib seated on the throne in the form of Chaturbhuj. The Sangat (congregation) from Kabul had presented flowers to Guru Sahib, and he gave one of those flowers to Kanshiram. Deeply captivated by Guru Sahib, Kanshiram made a request, “Guru Sahib, please recite a Bani that will bring eternal peace to all.”

Guru Sahib responded by explaining that he would now recite a Bani called ‘Bir Rasi’ (the spirit of a warrior), which would inspire the Sikhs to take up arms and fight against tyranny. Through this Bani, known as Sri Dasam Granth, they would gain a profound understanding of the three states of Maya/creation: Rajo, Tamo, and Sato. The first Bani composed at that time was Jaap Sahib, followed by Akal Ustat, which praised Akal Purakh (the eternal being) and belonged to the Satoguni (pure) realm. Bachitar Natak, Chandi Charitar, and Chaubis Avtar conveyed knowledge about the Tamo guna (mode of darkness) through tales of wars, instilling the warrior spirit (Bir Ras) in the Sikhs. Charitropakhyan provided insight into the Rajo guna (mode of passion) through stories revealing the realities of the world and governance. To read the complete Path Japji Sahib in Punjabi CLICK HERE.

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Please download the Punjabi PDF of Jaap Sahib from the provided link below. The document is 48 pages long and includes the following sections:

  • Pages 2-17: Original Gurmukhi text of Jaap Sahib’s path from Sri Dasam Granth.
  • Pages 18-31: Translation of Jaap Sahib’s 199 verses by Dr. Rattan Singh Jaggi.
  • Last pages 32-48: A guideline prepared by Gurmatbibek.com for correct pronunciation of Jaap Sahib Path in Punjabi.

Kindly click on the link to access the PDF.

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