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Guru Amar Das Ji Gurpurab 2023

As we approach the joyous occasion of Guru Amar Das Ji Jayanti 2023, let us take a moment to reflect on the profound legacy of the third Sikh Guru. Guru Amardas Ji was a spiritual master who devoted his life to selfless service, compassion, and the pursuit of social justice.

On this special day, we honor his teachings and celebrate his 544th birth anniversary with Happy Guru Amar Das Ji Jayanti 2023 wishes in HD with quotes and messages that capture the essence of his wisdom and teachings.

Gurpurab ofSri Guru Amar Das Ji
DateMay 4th, 2023
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Guru Amar Das Ji

Guru Amar Das, a strong Vaishnavite, who used to visit holy places of Hindu pilgrimage every year, came in contact with Guru Angad at the age of 62. He served his Master for 12 years and was appointed his successor by Guru Angad, which he served for about 22 years.

Guru Ji created 22 dioceses (Manjis for the spread of Sikhism. He extended the institution of (langar) community kitchen, making it compulsory for any visitor, who wished to meet Him. He fought against the customs of Sati and Purdah. Gurudev collected the works of his two predecessors, which formed the main source for the compilation of the holy Guru Granth Sahib by Guru Arjan Dev later.

Guru Amar Das founded the city of Goindwal and got a well (Baoli) dug up with 84 steps leading to it. Guru Amar Das has contributed 907 hymns in various Ragas to the holy Granth, in simple language, and brought reforms to the marriage and death ceremonies.

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May his unwavering commitment to equality, humility, and honesty continue to inspire us, and guide us towards leading a life filled with love, compassion, and selfless service. Let us celebrate this auspicious day with reverence and gratitude for Guru Amardas Ji’s contributions to Sikhism and his profound impact on humanity.

Wish You all a Very Happy Guru Amar Das Jayanti 2023. Download a Free HD Image without Watermark using the Download Button given below:

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