Guru Har Rai Ji – Life and Teachings [English PDF]

Guru Har Rai Ji : A Biography

Explore the extraordinary life of Guru Har Rai, the seventh of the ten Sikh Gurus and the spiritual successor of Guru Har Krishan, with the new and captivating book, “Guru Har Rai – His Life and Teachings”. Written in English by Amrita Sharma and illustrated by artist Virendra, this concise biography of Guru Har Rai, is a must-read for any Sikh or even all-religion readers.

This 13-chapter book, published by Singh Brothers, provides an in-depth look into Guru Har Rai’s life and teachings. With 80 pages of content, readers can gain a better understanding of this important figure and the impact of his teachings in Sikhism.

Book TitleGuru Har Rai Ji – Life and Teachings
AuthorAmrita Sharma
GenreBiography, Sikh History
Size7.2 MB
PublisherSingh Bros
SourcePublic Archive


1. Child of war
2. Preparing to Leave
3. The Himalayan Years
4. The Guru’s Coronation
5. The Divine Work Begins
6. Amity with the Mughals
7. Dara Shikoh and the Guru
8. The Betrayal
9. The People’s Guru
10. An Early Departure
11. Epilogue

Brief Description

Beginning with the chapter titled “Child of War”, this book chronicles Guru Har Rai’s life from his infancy during the Mughal-Sikh war to the coronation of Guru Har Rai as the seventh Sikh Guru. In the chapter “Preparing to Leave”, readers will learn about the Guru’s preparation to leave his family and enter the spiritual world.

The chapter “The Himalayan Years” delves into Guru Har Rai’s stay in the Himalayas, where he met the revered Baba Gurditta and initiated the divine mission of Sikhism. In the chapter “The Guru’s Coronation”, readers will learn about the Guru’s coronation ceremony at Kiratpur.

The chapter “The Divine Work Begins” chronicles the Guru’s efforts to spread the teachings of Sikhism and the impact of his mission. In the chapter “Amity with the Mughals”, readers will learn about the Guru’s friendship with the Mughal emperor, Emperor Aurangzeb’s son, Dara Shikoh.

The chapter “Dara Shikoh and the Guru” explains the Guru’s relationship with Dara Shikoh and his influence on the Mughal court. The chapter “The Betrayal” explains the manipulation made by Ram Rai in Gurbani when he was sent to the court of Aurangzeb.

Next chapter “The People’s Guru” recounts Guru Har Rai’s popularity amongst the Sikh population and the impact of his teachings on the masses. In the chapter “An Early Departure”, readers will learn about the Guru’s untimely death. Finally, the epilogue of the book summarizes the Guru’s life and teachings.

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