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Looking to Download the 5th Sikh Guru Arjan Dev Ji Gurgaddi Gurpurab 2023 Wish Image in HD Resolution free? This Gurpurab commemorates the day when the 4th Guru Ramdas Ji passed his spiritual throne to his youngest son Arjan Dev. It is to be celebrated on September 17th, Sunday.

Gurgaddi Gurpurab ofSri Guru Arjan Dev Ji
Date17th September 2023
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The Fifth Guru, Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji brought up the lines laid down by his predecessors and took measures to consolidate the Sikh faith. He initiated steps to build the Golden Temple at Amritsar as a converging center of all faithful; the fact that its foundation stone was laid by Mian Mir, a Sufi Muslim saint, testifies to the Guru’s sense of secularism; in his eyes, all human beings were the creation of the Almighty and all religions were mere different paths to attunement with Him.

He also compiled the Adi Granth with the composition of the first five Sikh Gurus as well as various Hindu and Muslim men of God; this was the first time that a religious scripture contained hymns of persons from other faiths; this constituted an attempt to end religious bigotry and propagate the concept of universal brotherhood.

To strict principles, the Guru adhered; to him. wealth and fame had no attraction; faith in truth and God was uppermost in his mind, and he practiced what he preached. Humility was one of his cardinal qualities, yet he was brave and defiant when confronted with a challenge; then even death could not calm him down or dampen his spirits. The prestige of the community he valued more than his own self-respect.

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