Guru Angad Dev Ji Birthday 2022 Wishes

Guru Angad Dev Ji Birthday

Guru Angad Dev Ji Birthday 2022 Wishes: Let’s Celebrate 518th Parkash Gurpurab of Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji – 2nd Guru of Sikhs. Before Guruship, he was named Bhai Lehna Ji. When Guru Nanak Dev Ji appointed him to Gurgaddi, he renamed him Angad and transferred his spiritual light to him to spread the word of the Almighty.

Parkash Gurpurab of Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji
Date 1st May 2022
Day Sunday
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Guru Angad Dev Parkash Purab Wishes

Guru Nanak Dev before leaving for the heavens gave the Guru seat to Guru Angad Dev and he became the second Guru of the Sikh religion. He was born to Baba Pheru Mal and Mata Daya Kaur at Mate-di-sarai, which is also known as Naga-serai.

Being on Gurgaddi, Guru Angad Dev turned his attention to the collection of Guru Nanak’s hymns, which were mostly written in a language called Lande Mahajni, and some of them had not been written at all but were sung regularly. Guru Angad knew Lande Mahajni. He modified the language by giving its alphabet a better shape, and a new order. The new script came to be called Gurmukhi or from the mouth of the Guru. It was in this script that Guru Angad wrote down the hymns of Guru Nanak, penned down his compositions, and gave lessons to the villagers.

By compiling Guru Nanak’s hymns, Guru Angad not only saved them for the forthcoming generation but also negated the possibility of misinterpretation. It provided the basis of the essential Sikh doctrine that there is no essential difference between the Guru and his Shabad or bani (word). Guru Angad Dev assigned a very high place to the Shabad by making it a pathway to salvation. However, by limiting his sermons to only one language he was unable to draw followers from outside Punjab.

The tradition of Kitchen and Dignity of Labor

Guru Angad followed the tradition of free kitchen (langar) set up by Guru Nanak. However, he was more involved than even Guru Nanak. He served the meals to the visitors who were often poor and of other castes and even sat down to eat with them. Thus, he broke the shackles of the caste system which were so binding in that age. The people in charge of the kitchen were supposed to be polite and sweet.

To perpetuate the principle of dignity of labor and self-dependence, the Guru’s wife, Mata Khivi, worked in the kitchen with the other workers. The Guru himself earned his living by twisting coarse grass called ‘myrj’ into strings used for making cots. The offerings of the langar were served to people sitting in a line. This helped in erasing social and economical inequality of caste and creed, and also provided a medium of social integration.

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  • Dhan Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji

    He was the first Spiritual Embodiment of Guru Nanak’s Light, a true manifestation of a grand spiritual experiment ever happened. Dhan Sikhi, Dhan Satguru Nanak, Dhan Bhai Lehna and Dhan Guru Angad. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh.

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