Gurgaddi Diwas Guru Granth Sahib Ji 2022 Greeting Image

Gurgaddi Diwas Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Guru Granth Sahib Ji Gurgaddi Diwas Purab marks the day when the 10th Sikh Master Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji appointed the Damddami Bir of Granth Sahib as his successor and throned him as living Guru at Nanded Sahib. Onwards, Sikhs had no Guru in their physical body but they worship the Words of Guru in form of Guru Granth Sahib.

GurpurabGuru Granth Sahib Gurgaddi Diwas
Event Date27th October 2022
GenreGurpurab Wishes
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Sri Guru Granth Sahib’s Origin

‘Granth”, which is derived from Sanskrit, implies ‘Koran’ and ‘Bible’ a book-the Book par excellence. Unlike some other scriptures, it is neither history nor mythology, nor a collection of incantations. Its contents are spiritual poetry, the vision of the cosmic order, and exhortation to the higher life. In that respect, it is a unique scripture among the source books of religion. It remains unique in consisting solely of the meditations of God-inspired men, who have communicated the Divine Word in a spirit of deep humility and compassion for mankind.

This holy Scripture of the Sikh faith, called variously Sri Adi Granth (Primal Scripture), Granth Sahib (the holy Granth), and Guru Granth Sahib is not looked upon by the followers of the Sikh faith in the aspect only of a book or scripture, but as the embodiment in the visible form of the essence of the Person of the Ten holy Gurus. Being the repository of the Divine Word (Shabad, Nam) it is offered worship and not mere veneration. In the religious assemblies of the Sikhs, the holy Granth is the presiding Presence; all who enter, bow before it and make offerings, which may range from the humblest token of a copper coin to large sums of money or commodities.

These offerings are believed to be made to the holy Guru and are intended to be utilized for the accomplishment of religious objectives and philanthropic purposes. Wherever the holy Granth is kept in state, with an attendant waving the fly-whisk (chanwar) over it, and recitation and Kirtan (holy music) and other due ceremonial performed, that spot becomes for that occasion a Gurudwara (Guru’s Portal, a Sikh Temple).

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    Tu prabh data daan mat pura hum thare bhikhari jiyo. Dhan sri guru granth sahib ji de parkash purab dian sarbat sangta nu lakh lakh vadhaiyan

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