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Ganjnama Bhai Nand Lal

Ganjnama is a collection of Persian poetry written by Bhai Nand Lal, a prominent Sikh poet of the 17th century. The word “Ganjnama” means “treasure book” or “book of hidden treasures” and refers to the spiritual insights and guidance contained within the poems.

Ganjnama consists of 160 verses of Poetry. The poems are written in a lyrical and devotional style and explore themes such as love, devotion, and the search for spiritual enlightenment.

Book Information Details
Title Ganjnama
Author Bhai Nand Lal Goya
Size of Book 150 KB
Pages 24
Language Persian (transliterated in Gurmukhi and English)
English Translation Available

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Ganjnama, the “Treasure Book” penned by Bhai Nand Lal Goya, is a poetic ode in Persian that reveres the Ten Gurus of Sikhism. Bhai Nand Lal, a celebrated poet and respected Sikh of the time of Guru Gobind Singh, infuses his verses with deep personal devotion and reverence for the spiritual leaders.

The opening verses of Ganjnama are a beautiful invocation to the Guru who is the beacon of light in a world of darkness, raising men to the level of gods and commanding the devotion of all gods and goddesses. The book is divided into ten sections, each devoted to one of the ten Gurus of the Sikhs. The sections are adorned with verses and couplets that embody the spiritual eminence of the Gurus and their timeless message.

The number of couplets in each section varies, with Guru Gobind Singh being celebrated with fifty-six verses, showcasing the depth of the poet’s devotion to the tenth Guru. Each section begins with a powerful formula that affirms the omnipresence and truth of God.

The Ganjnama doesn’t contain any biographical details about the Gurus but instead celebrates their spiritual legacy and their embodiment of the message of Guru Nanak. The supreme dervish, Guru Nanak, is celebrated in the book as the one whom all gods and goddesses praise, sent by God Himself to guide mankind towards Him.

The book concludes with the poet’s humble supplication to Guru Gobind Singh, expressing his desire to dedicate his life to the Guru and remain forever attached to his feet. Ganjnama is a treasure trove of spiritual guidance and poetic beauty, offering readers a glimpse into the profound spiritual legacy of the Ten Gurus of Sikhism.

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