Encyclopedia of Sikhism Volume 4 – English PDF

Encyclopedia of Sikhism Vol.4

The Encyclopedia of Sikhism Volume 4 is a comprehensive, authoritative reference work on Sikhism, the fifth largest religion in the world. The volume is the fourth in the series and covers the letters S to Z of the alphabet. It is edited by renowned scholar Harbans Singh and published by Punjabi University, Patiala in the English language.

The encyclopedia is a great resource for both the lay reader and the specialist and contains a wealth of references and bibliographies. It is 585 pages long and weighs in at 60 MB in size. The direct style of writing and precision of language make it an invaluable source of information. Additionally, the well-tuned and orchestrated phrase makes it a pleasure to read.

The Encyclopedia of Sikhism Volume 4
ContentsS-Z alphabets
Editor in ChiefHarbans Singh
PublisherPunjabi University Patiala
ReferencesFull of references
BibliographyUnder each entry
File Size60 Mb
Target audienceUseful for both lay reader and specialist
Special FeaturesDirect style of writing, precision of language, well-attuned and orchestrated phrase
DownloadPDF download available

For the convenience of readers, a PDF version of the encyclopedia is available for download using the button given below. The benefits of reading the PDF version go beyond convenience, as it does not require an internet connection for reading, searching for words, zooming in and out of pages and can be read on any device.

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    The direct writing style and precise language used make the encyclopedia an excellent resource for both lay readers and specialists. It is filled with a wealth of references and bibliographies, making it an invaluable source of information. The well-tuned and orchestrated phrase also makes it a pleasure to read.

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