Bhar Joban Mai Mat Gurbani Quote Wallpaper

Gurbani Quote Wallpaper

Download HD Wallpaper with Gurbani Quote “Bhar Joban Mai Mat Peyi-adae”.

Gurbani Quote Bhar Joban Mat
Type Gurbani Wallpaper
File Format PNG
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Upload Date June 9, 2021
Last Modified June 9, 2022
Baani Creator Guru Nanak Dev Ji
Ang 763
Content Ik Onkar, Punjabi, English

Gurbani Quote

Raag Suhi Chhant Mahala 1 Ghar 1
Ik Oankaar Satgur Prasad ||
Bhar Joban Mai Mat Payiadai Ghar Paahune Bal Ram Jio || Maile Avagan Chitt Bin Gur Gun Na Samavni Bal Ram Jio || Gun Saar Na Jani Bharam Bhulani Joban Baad Gavaya || Var Ghar Dar Darshan Nahi Jata Pir Ka Sahaj Na Bhaya || Satgur Poochh Na Marg Chaali Sooti Rain Vihaani || Nanak Balatan Raadepa Bin Pir Dhan Kumlani ||1||

Gurbani Wallpaper in English

Intoxicated with the wine of youth, I did not realize that I was only a guest at my parent’s home (in this world). My consciousness is polluted with faults and mistakes; without the Guru, virtue does not even enter into me. I have not known the value of virtue; have been deluded by doubt. I have wasted away my youth in vain.

Human has not known his Husband Lord, His celestial home and gate, or the Blessed Vision of His Darshan. I have not had the pleasure of my Husband Lord’s celestial peace. After consulting the True Guru, I have not walked on the Path; the night of my life is passing away in sleep. O Nanak, in the prime of my youth, I am a widow; without my Husband Lord, the soul-bride is wasting away. ( Bhar Joban Mai Mat )

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