Bhagat Bani Steek – Giani Narain Singh Ji Punjabi-PDF

Bhagat Bani Steek – Punjabi PDF

Published by Bhai Jawahar Singh Kripal Singh, this steek is divided by each Bhagat and further by the ragas they are associated with. The thick typing fonts make for easy reading, and at 528 pages in length, there is plenty to explore.

Title: Bhagat Bani Steek
Author: Pundit Narain Singh Ji
Publisher: Bhai Jawahar Singh Kripal Singh
Language: Punjabi
File Size: 38 MB
Pages: 528
Divisions: Divided by Bhagat Sahibans and further Bani of Each Bhagat is divided among Ragas
Bhagat Sahibans: Bhagat Kabir, Bhagat Ravidas, Bhagat Farid, Bhagat Ramanand, Bhagat Beni, Bhagat Namdev, Bhagat Sadhana, Bhagat Bhikhan, Bhagat Parmanand, Bhagat Sain, Bhagat Dhanna, Bhagat Pipa, Bhagat Surdas, Bhagat Jaidev, Bhagat Trilochan

This steek is regarded as one of the most accurate translations of the bani of the Bhagat Sahibans. It covers the bani of Bhagats such as Kabir, Ravidas, Farid, Ramanand, Beni, Namdev, Sadhana, Bhikhan, Parmanand, Sain, Dhanna, Pipa, Surdas, Jaidev, and Trilochan.

Significance of Bhagat Bani

Bhagat Bani or the writings of the twelve Bhagats (saints) included in the Guru Granth Sahib, hold immense importance in Sikhism. These Bhagats came from diverse backgrounds, castes, and religions, but all shared a devotion to the divine and a message of love, unity, and humility.

Their inclusion in the Guru Granth Sahib alongside the hymns of the Sikh Gurus represents the inclusive and universal nature of Sikhism, emphasizing that the path to enlightenment can be reached through various spiritual traditions.

The Bhagat Bani also serves as a reminder that the ultimate goal of spirituality is to realize the divine and to live a life of service and devotion. Their teachings emphasize the importance of meditation, selfless service, and the remembrance of the divine in all actions.

Furthermore, the Bhagat Bani provides valuable insight into the religious and social landscape of medieval India, offering a glimpse into the lives and struggles of those who came before us. The Bhagat Bani serves as a source of inspiration and guidance for Sikhs and people of all faiths in their spiritual journeys, promoting a message of love, compassion, and unity.

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Whether you are a Punjabi speaker or seeking to learn more about the bani of the Bhagat Sahibans, this steek is a valuable resource that should not be overlooked. Dive into the profound wisdom and spiritual insights of these Bhagats, and deepen your understanding of Sikhism and its rich spiritual heritage. Alternatively, you can download Bhagat Bani Steek by Giani Bishan Singh Ji.

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