Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Shaheedi Purab 2023

Banda Singh Bahadur Shaheedi Purab

Remembering one of the greatest Sikh Warriors – Baba Banda Singh Bahadur on his 306th Anniversary of Shaheedi Purab. Guru Gobind Singh Ji commanded him to avenge the perpetrators of the Anandpur Fort betrayals at Nanded. From Lachhman Dev to Madho Das, he ultimately became Banda Singh Bahadur and laid the foundation of the Khalsa Raj in Punjab. Won many battles, and established the Nanakshahi Raj in Sirhind. He was sieged and captured at Gurdas Nangal, produced in Delhi with his 700+ companions during the reign of Farrukhsiyar. He was martyred here after extreme Physical and Mental tortures.

Shaheedi PurabBaba Banda Singh Bahadur
Event Date25th June 2023
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Baba Banda Singh Facts
All the same, Banda Singh left a lasting mark on the character of the Sikhs. He fanned the fire of independence ignited by Guru Gobind Singh. He affected a revolution in the minds of the people. A will was created in the ordinary masses to resist tyranny and to live and die for a common or national cause. The example set by Banda Singh and his companions was to serve as a beacon of light for the people in the darker days to come. He was the first man to deal a severe blow to the cruel, fanatic Mughal rule in the Punjab.

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  • Waeguru Ji

    I am from Nederland. I have read about Sikh Warriors like Banda Singh and Jassa Singh. I love how they remain stuck to the valid message of their preceptors.

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