Asa Di Var PDF in Punjabi-English

Asa Di Var PDF

Download Asa Di Var Full Path in Punjabi with English Transliteration and Translation PDF File. The main part of this Composition is authored by Guru Nanak Sahib, while Guru Angad Sahib added a few stanzas in it and made it complete as it is found now.

Gurbani PathAsa Di Vaar
AuthorGuru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Angad Dev Ji
GranthGuru Granth Sahib Ji
Pages462 – 475
LanguagePunjabi – Gurmukhi
Size1.03 MB

Asa di Var or the Ode in the Asa measure is one of the three Punjabi odes of Guru Nanak, found in the Holy Granth, it forms the daily morning service of the Sikh congregations, and being in Asa, is sung before the early dawn.

It consists of pauris and shlokas, which I have chosen to call stanzas and staves The stanzaic part is the essential part of the Ode, the staves being added to explain and introduce the stanzas. In Guru Nanak’s time, it consisted of twenty-four stanzas and forty-six staves, stanzas all of Guru Nanak, Then in the time of Guru Angad, or after, fourteen more staves were added from the compositions of Guru Angad.

Download Asa Di Var PDF in Punjabi (Gurmukhi-English) from the link given below:

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